Choosing the Right Air Compressor

People already in the know about machinery and how it works will know how important air compressors are. For those not as up on their machine knowledge, the best air compressors is a piece of equipment that generates energy compressing and pressurising air.

When it comes to powering machines, air compressors are very important. They are not only cheaper to run but more efficient than many other forms of power. Different tools and machines require different air compressors so before you buy one you need to know the right one for your machine.

When you buy an air compressor you need to think about the tool you would use it with and how frequently it would be used. Depending on the type of work you will be doing, air compressors fall into two categories – high pressure and low pressure. Tools such as nail guns and staple guns require high pressure air compressors whereas tools such as power drills will work using a low pressure air compressor.

Air compressors can range widely in price and, obviously, the best quality brands do come at a price. If you do not have a big budget but are looking for something of good quality you could always purchase a used model.

Also available on the market are quiet air compressors. As the name would suggest, they create hardly any noise but are not suitable for tools needing high pressure. Quiet air compressors are perfect for use with electric and stationery motors. You can even purchase silent air compressors in both oiled and oil free versions.

So, if you are thinking of purchasing an air compressor you need to take into account that different compressors work with different tools. Take the time to look into what is available and choose the best 12 volt air compressor you can afford.

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How I accidentally took apart the air compressor and leak the oil out!

As a tinkerer, I always wanna take apart things, from around the house like fridge, to bike, air compressors to my brothers’ toy. There are countless things I could talk about what is inside of them, and today, is the story about the air compressors oil, that I leaked out in the process.

Air Compressor

An air compressor can be used for all manner of things. From small jobs, such as pumping up the tires on your bike or car, to larger jobs, such as powering the machinery in your workshop, air compressors are a very useful piece of kit. Compressors used for these larger jobs can benefit from air compressor oil; the same as is used in industrial scale air compressors. Using this oil will not only make your air compressor more efficient but ensures it will last a lot longer too.

Why Your Air Compressor Needs Oil?

Air Compressor Oil

There are a whole range of benefits to using oil in your own air compressor. The main advantage to using air compressor oil is the fact that it lubricates the compressor system. When put into the system the oil lubricates the moving parts within the compressor, using a splashing technique, ensuring everything is covered in oil and stays in full working order. When oil is used it will make the air compressor work much more efficiently than without.

Different Types of Air Compressor Oil

There is some debate on what makes good air compressor oil but it is essential not much different to normal motor oil; although some disagree with this. Bearing this is mind there are a couple of things to consider when buying your own compressor oil. Normal air compressor oil features everything you need to keep your compressor running smoothly, including compressor and pump oil. However, you can also purchase synthetic oils that work to enhance the performance of your air compressor.

I also learn how to change the air compressor oil via this video:

Just make sure you use some kind of air compressor oil whichever one you choose. An air compressor treated to the right oil will not only work better but stay working for longer.

Yup, that’s how I discover the oil of my home’s air compressors. Hope you enjoy the article.

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